Steal the Old Family Photos

Visiting family for the holidays? Now’s your chance to go through the old family photo albums and take what you want – nicely, of course! Just because Aunt Ellen possesses all the old, photo heirlooms doesn’t mean you can’t too.

Your Aunt doesn’t want to take them out of the album or the photo frame, you say? No problem. You can be the family diplomat with your small, easy-to-use portable scanner, scanning those old photos stuck in shoeboxes or even glued into photo books, or in frames. Seriously! You could be having a glass of wine in the living room and scanning away, without a big production. You’ll end up with high-resolution scans of all the old images you thought you’d never inherit, and even be the good Samaritan and share them online with the rest of your family.

Are some of the photos ripped, torn, or damaged? There’s a quick fix for that too, with just one click of a mouse. Both scanning and enhancing your old images is possible just by using the Flip-Pal scanner and Vivid-Pix Restore software, together.

The *Flip-Pal scanner lets you scan photos in place without removing them from the album or frame. Anywhere, anytime. The *Vivid-Pix Restore software helps you enhance your images with just one click.

Bring this one-stop solution package with you this holiday season and capture your family heirlooms quickly, easily, and safely without upsetting the apple cart, or Aunt Ellen.

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