Innovative and Savvy

“As an author, Erin was delightful to work with. She’s innovative and savvy in her approach to promoting her work, yet still very accessible and warm with her fans at trade shows and events. It was really inspiring to work with her on her first book when she was way ahead of the current marketing standards for incorporating video and tutorials into book promotions.”

by Ashley Evens, Director of Digital Strategy from Creative Media Marketing

Taking something difficult and actually making it easy

“There are smart and talented people in the world who make difficult things look easy, and that’s impressive. What’s more impressive by far is taking something difficult and actually making it easy. That’s what Erin does. Whether it’s as a speaker, an author, a collaborator, a spokesperson or in any other capacity, Erin’s brilliance and depth of knowledge, combined with her warm and welcoming personality, make her the ultimate source for information and insight on all things imaging.”

by Jennifer Barr Kruger, Director of Communications from Photo Marketing Association International

Wealth of contacts and industry knowledge

“Erin provides outstanding input to the activities of the DIMA Board. Her wealth of contacts and industry knowledge has enabled DIMA to offer cutting edge programming in its conferences. Additionally these same attributes as well as being very personable makes her a great presenter and speaker in these presentations.”

by Jeff Frazine, Sales Executive from Photo Marketing Association

News you can use

“Erin hosted this very informative series geared toward demystifying the world of photography. She brought her professional knowledge to our viewers in a very “news you can use” way.”

by Freddy James, SVP of Program Development & Production from HGTV

Articulate, knowledgeable and attractive

“We needed a host and Erin was perfect because she was articulate, knowledgeable and attractive.”

by Dee Haslam, CEO from Rivr Media Interactive on The Whole Picture (DIY)

Wonderful spokesperson

“Erin was a wonderful spokesperson for the clients we were representing at the Photo Marketing Assoication trade show in early 2007. She was able to flawlessly deliver their messages to the audiences of TV and radio station morning shows during live interviews from the trade show. She was well-prepared, very personable and easy to work with, and was great TV. We would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

by Eric Wright, Sr. VP, Marketing & Business Development from D S Simon Productions, Inc.

Lively and Entertaining

“Erin Manning is a lively and entertaining host whose grasp of digital imaging truly helps break down complex technical topics so everyone can understand. She has been a guest on our radio show several times, it’s always a pleasure to have Erin share her practical photography tips with our audience.”

by Alexandra Gebhardt from Digital Strategist & Executive Producer

Knowledgeable and articulate

“Erin is both knowledgeable and articulate when it comes to technology and photography. Erin surpasses expectations on every level. Her creativity is limitless and her passion for her work, clients, and audience is inspiring and contagious.”

by Ellie Shoja from Writer & Creative Contractor

Makes a very positive impression

“Erin has done consistently excellent work for Nova Development in showcasing software products on the Home Shopping Network. Her on-screen presence makes a very positive impression and she thoroughly prepares in advance of each appearance. Erin is a great pleasure to work with.”

by Brad Crystal, Executive OEM Strategist from Gobbler

Dazzling personality and highly creative

“Erin has the ability to quickly ascertain the situation and provide exactly what is required. She differentiates herself with a keen understanding of the entire process, dazzling personality and highly creative approach. I highly suggest you consult with Erin before making a decision.”

by Mitch Langstein, Marketing Director from Cellular Accessories for Less

Professional class and style

“Erin Manning brings professional class and style to every project she works on. As a skilled and savvy photographer and instructor Erin delivers award winning results every time. Erin is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her if you are looking for creative content and insight, that is delivered with a strong impact and that gets results.”

by Damian Donach, Technical Specialist from Canon USA, Inc.

A joy to work with

“Besides being a joy to work with, Erin is a professional who is able to present creative ideas and communicate effectively to get information to her audience. I highly recommend Erin for any writing or photography project assignment.”

by Barry Pruett, Vice President from Wiley Publishing

Beautiful work with inspiring photographs

“I’m not exactly sure when or if Erin sleeps because she is so involved in all aspects of the photography community. I hired her to write a book last year and it was recently published! It’s a beautiful work with inspiring photographs and excellent instruction for aspiring photographers who want to learn about portraiture. Our entire company loves working with Erin and sending her all over the country to promote her book to our bookstore accounts. She is a wonderful, engaging spokesperson. I feel very lucky to have met her and formed this relationship. We have many more books (and possibly videos) planned with her for the future.”

by Kim Spilker, Senior Content Product Manager from Microsoft

Entertaining and informative

“Erin ran several digital photography sessions for business partners of my company. She was an extremely enthusiastic presenter who was both entertaining and informative, which is impressive in itself because it’s not easy to do both. She’s very low maintenance and a total team player. It was a pleasure working with Erin and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others. I’m looking forward to many more collaborations with Erin in the future.”

by Ellen Gerstein, VP, Marketing Director from Grand Central Publishing

Grace, talent and professionalism

“Erin Manning does it all and she does it with grace, talent and professionalism. I’ve worked with her both on and off-camera and she hits it out of the park every time! 

I would work with Erin again on any project at any time. There’s nothing she can’t do!”

by Tanya Green, President from Tannins Inc.