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    I'm a photographer, author, traveler, and educator. From camera basics to lighting and composition, I'm here to help you create beautiful photographs…and we'll have fun. I promise.

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  • Be creative, funny, and memorable

    Cool Smartphone Apps

    Use these smartphone apps to spruce up your social media.

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  • Take Better Picture in a Snap

    Travel Photo Basics

    Are your vacation photos looking a little…blah? Are your friends and family falling asleep during your slideshows? Help is on the way! This session offers tips and techniques for capturing memorable family vacation photos, whether you have a DSLR, compact camera, or smartphone.

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  • Shoot and Record

    Get the Gear

    It's not easy to find the right smartphone accessories to capture great photos and video, so I put them together for you! This is what I use to capture selfies, create hosted videos, and stream to Periscope and Facebook Live.

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  • events to

    Learn "Live" with Me

    I teach photography all over the world and I love it. There are no silly questions, ask away. It's my mission to help you. From trade show venues to cruise ship classes and online courses, there's an opportunity for live-learning in your near future.

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  • Make Movies on your iPad

    Learn with Me at Sea

    I'll share tips on capturing the best photos and video, then help you create professional-looking videos on your iPad - all while cruising through Europe. Whee!

    July 9 - July 23July 23 - Aug 6
  • 21 Videos

    Photo Basics

    Would you like to know more about the light and composing a good shot? Do those “techie” videos make your brain turn off and your eyes glaze over? You’re in the right place. These videos provide practical tips for capturing beautiful photographs. Get started now!

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  • Easy-to-understand

    Technical Information

    Ever wondered how to capture those close-up shots? Check out these simple tips.

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  • Online Courses

    Learn About Lighting

    Learn how to work with natural light and studio light with my Lynda.com courses.

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  • Step-by-Step

    Photo Education

    Watch my Digital Photography 101 course on creativeLIVE and learn how to control your camera, work with the light, pose people, and compose beautiful images.

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  • The BEST

    Lighting Kit

    This all-in-one educational kit is the PERFECT choice for your first lighting kit. Easy to use, cool to the touch, and a great value. I use it for all my video shoots too because it's constant light. Available in camera stores everywhere! Click the video button and watch how to put it together.

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  • A fun way to take your videos to the next level

    Make Movies on your iPad

    Now you can create professional-looking videos using just an iPad and the iMovie App - it’s easier than you might think.

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  • Informative


    Find out how to create the photographs you'll treasure for a lifetime.

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  • Mobile Photography

    The Super Selfie!

    It’s time to uncover your hidden “Selfie” powers and create a portrait that you’re proud to post online.

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  • Inspiring


    Simple techniques for capturing beautiful photos of your baby.

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  • Check out the Learning Center for

    Photography Tips and Tutorials

    The latest videos and articles covering photography techniques, getting the most from your camera, helpful lighting tips and a whole lot more.

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  • Erin's

    Lifestyle Photography

    Looking for inspiration? Check out a selection of recent photography.

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“I’m here to inform, inspire, and help you create beautiful images.”

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